Esewa Money Transfer

Following the agreement concluded by Smith&Smith with Esewa Money Transfer, a leading digital remittance company in Nepal which has been bringing remittance to Nepal from more than 200 countries across the World, now we offer to the Nepali citizens the money transfer from Romania to NEPAL.


Asia Transfer

The payment of the amounts transferred in NEPAL is in the local currency of NPR.

Nepali citizens in Romania can go to Smith&Smith agencies across the country.

To view the agencies and the work schedule click on this link.

Identity documents accepted to order a transfer, need to be presented by Nepali Citizens are the following:
- passport with valid visa
- identity card
- residence permit (Romanian document, with photo, issued by the General Inspectorate for Immigration) within the validity term.

For any additional information you can contact CLAIMS SMITH&SMITH phone +40 21 3318000, email:

Asia Transfer