More than 40 partners worldwide have helped us expand our network in approximately 100,000 access points.

    Ask for the money transfer service in Romania by Smith & Smith and you can benefit from our extended working program, a favorable currency exchange and many other additional services.

    Among our partners, banks and payment institutions we include:
MoneyGram, Ria, Uno, Sigue, Small World, I-Transfer, Santander, Valutrans, Monty Money Transfers, BT Money Transfers (Belgium), Masari Payments (Cyprus) and many others!

Since 2007 we are a Romanian MoneyGram agent, a company that offers a premium service in over 200 countries and territories with more than 350,000 locations worldwide.

Online transfer
You can make online payments using a credit card or a bank account.

Our Network

We are present throughout the country with 81 agencies and over 650 other agencies from our network. We can deliver the money straight to your home, in 3100 locations.
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Our fees for money transfers from Romania - Abroad
Toate comisioanele
1 - 100€3.00€
101 - 200€4.00€
501 - 600€9.00€
901 - 1000€15.00€
1001 - 10000€1.50%