Smith & Smith is a money transfer company established in 1999 and authorized by the BNR bank as a payment institution in 2011.

    SWIFT member (BIC SSRRROBU) and TRANSFOND (Romania's Clearing House) Smith & Smith can generate IBAN for individuals and can process payment orders like any commercial bank.

    Through this account you can pay bills, taxes, mortgages, leasing or any bank credit.

    You can make deposits with cash at any Smith & Smith agency or by bank transfer, in RON and EUR currencies.

Payment in an international bank account (EUR)

0,01 300.00 10.00
300,01 3,000.00 15.00
3,000.01 10,000.00 20.00
10,000.01 11,300.00 25.00

The fee is paid in RON at the BNR currency course from the day of the transfer.
Transfer de bani online
Suma maxima: 500EUR / 2500LEI / 500USD / 450GBP
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