Through the service SMITH PAY you can cash out money sent from abroad at Smith & Smith's 55 agencies or at any of the 650 agencies of BCR, IDEA Bank or VictoriaBank in Moldova Republic.

Smith & Smith cooperates with over 40 foreign partners with a worldwide network of approximately 100,000 access points. Payments are made in EURO, USD or LEI, depending on the beneficiary’s option or sent currency. We offer an excellent foreign exchange service without any other additional fees.

As an MoneyGram agent, Smith & Smith get payments from over 191 countries and suppliers. Payment trough Smith & Smith agencies have the advantage of extended work program: 7/7 days, 12/24 hours, depending on each agency.

For customers who want to send money in bank accounts, Smith & Smith makes transfers to any account in Romania in LEI and in EURO to the Romania's main banks, through its partners offering this service.

Ask for the money transfer service at Smith & Smith made by the following partners who are abroad:
MoneyGram, Ria, Uno, Sigue, Small World, I-Transfer, Santander, Valutrans, Monty Money Transfers, BT Money Transfers (Belgium), Masari Payments(Cyprus) and many others!

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