• The SMITH EXPRESS service enables you to transfer your money cheap and quickly (within minutes) between our Smith & Smith agencies in Romania. The service is also available in the Moldova Republic through the Victoria Bank network.

  • Cash in and payments are made in LEI, EURO, GBP and USD. We offer excellent foreign exchange services on account to our customers.

  • Also, through the Smith & Smith agencies you can pay at any Romanian bank account or accounts in EURO opened at the most important banks in Romania. You can pay any bills, rates at banks, leasing rates, rents, and taxes at the best fees.

  • For this type of transfer you can choose the MoneyGram service, with payment being made in just 10 minutes in over 1,000 locations in Romania.

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    Transfer de bani online
    Suma maxima: 500EUR / 2500LEI
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    Romania EXPRESS Moldova EXPRESS

    Fast money transfers between Smith&Smith's agencies in Romania and VictoriaBank in R.Moldova, with fees of only 5 Lei / 3 Euro

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