• Transferring money online via a credit card is the fastest method and it is becoming more and more popular.

  • You can use Visa or Mastercard.

  • You can opt to make the payment in another currency from your transfer and you will benefit from the competitive exchange rate offered by Smith & Smith. After you make the transaction, you will receive a unique identification code (CUI) that will have to be communicated to the person receiving the money.

  • For cashing out at any Smith & Smith agency or at one of our partners agencies in Romania and Moldova, the recipient must have an identification card (ID, passport). The beneficiary must also have the transaction identification code (CUI).

  • If you choose the option to receive the money at home, the beneficiary must have an original identity document and also a copy of the identity card which he will present to the courier, after receiving the money.

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    Transfer de bani online
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    Romania EXPRESS Moldova EXPRESS

    Fast money transfers between Smith&Smith's agencies in Romania and VictoriaBank in R.Moldova, with fees of only 5 Lei / 3 Euro

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