Transfer Money Online With Smith & Smith

For bank account and credit card holders, Smith & Smith is the fastest cheapest, and best way to transfer money online, either in Romania or abroad.
You can now make an online money transfer faster, better and cheaper, using our website's platform.

Using our online transfer platform, you can send money from your bank account or directly from your credit card, without the need to move to an agency.Plus, you can do this anytime during the day or the night, from the comfort of your home or your mobile device.
All you need in order to make a transfer, is to register an account on our website here after which you complete the simple transfer form and you're done!

How can the receiver pick up his money after a successful online transfer?

He can pick up his money:
-Straight from a Smith & Smith agency
-From BCR or RIB (Romanian Comercial Bank or Romanian International Bank)
-From his bank account.
-Through our home delivery service.

Aside from our awesome services, if you encounter any type of problem we will be glad to help from 9am to 10pm (romanian hours) or at this phone number (+4) 021 331 8000, callable in the romanian language.

Smith & Smith - Closer to you and your family !