Smith & Smith is a money transfer company established in 1999 and authorized by the BNR bank as a payment institution in 2011.

    In over 15 years of activity we have been developing continuously by offering our clients high standard services at reduced fees. Thus, we have earned a well-deserved top place among similar companies and in these years we have managed to handle more than 7.0 million transactions representing over USD 2.0 billion and equivalent to about 300,000 unique clients.

    We are well-seen in the world of money transfer and we are recommended by our payment networks consisting of:

    - 55 Smith & Smith agencies with extended working hours 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, a lot of them being opened in large shopping centers.

    - 650 agencies of our agents: BCR, IDEA BANK and BANK VICTORIA in Moldova Republic.

    - More than 100,000 worldwide access points belonging to over 40 foreign partners such as: SMALL WORLD, RIA, EUROPHIL, Sigu, BRAAC Sajan, SANTANDER, MONTY, BBVA, etc.

    - From 2007 we are an agent for MoneyGram, a leading global money transfer company having more than 300,000 locations in 191 countries and territories.

    Smith & Smith is the preferred option for money transfer for many Romanians because we make payments in EURO, USD and LEI, we offer excellent exchange fees and we have recently opened payment accounts to facilitate payments within the country and throughout Europe at fantastic rates.

    Smith & Smith we have been at your service for 15 years!
Online transfer
You can make online payments using a credit card or a bank account.
Home Delivery
Smith & Smith is the only payment institution in Romania that offers Home Delivery Payments.

Our Network

We are present throughout the country with 81 agencies and over 650 other agencies from our network. We can deliver the money straight to your home, in 3100 locations.
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Comisioane Romania - Rep. MoldovaComisioane numerar RO- strainatate
Our fees for money transfers from Romania - Abroad
Toate comisioanele
1 - 100€3.00€
101 - 200€4.00€
501 - 600€9.00€
901 - 1000€15.00€
1001 - 10000€1.50%