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  • What are my options if I want to transfer money with Smith & Smith ?

    Smith & Smith helps you transfer cash, to any of our agencies or partners, to your account or even directly at home. We even make home deliveries !

  • Where can the payee pick up the money I transfered through Smith & Smith ?

    In Romania, the money can be picked up from the following agencies: Smith & Smith, Romanian Comercial Bank, Romanian International Bank, payee's house with our Home Delivery service.

  • If I am abroad, where can I go to send money to Romania?

    The money can be deposited at any of the 40 Partner firms with whom Smith & Smith collaborates with a total of over 100.000 agencies.

  • Can I send money in a currency for the payee to pick up in another currency?

    Yes, with Smith & Smith the money can be transfered in a certain currency, after which they are converted and the payee receives them in EUR, USD, POUNDS or RON.

  • How do I make an online transfer ?

    By using the platforms for online money transfers offered by Smith & Smith, you can initiate a money transfer by using your bank account or credit card.

  • What are the advantages of online money transfers ?

    There are plenty of advantages: online money transfers with Smith & Smith are fast, reliable and secure. Our fees are very competitive as well.

  • How much time does a money transfer via credit card take, if it was initiated on the Smith & Smith website ?

    In 15 minutes at our Smith & Smith agencies, 1 hour at the Romanian Comercial Bank, Romanian International Bank and Victoria Bank (Moldova). Or if you opt-in for our Home Delivery Service the money are delivered on the 2nd working day.

  • Can I pay my bank rates for credits done in Romania?

    Yes, Smith & Smith can make any payment for accounts opened in the LEI currency, at romanian banks and accounts opened in the EURO currency at TOP17 banks in Romania. The list of banks are available on the website.

  • Can I pay the bills I have in Romania ?

    You can pay any type of romanian bill to suppliers(mobile and landline phones, cable, internet, electricity, water, gas) or for acquiring a service or product by using the Smith & Smith website.

  • What is the maximum amount of money that I can send to someone ?

    The maximum amount for cash transfers depends on the country in which you are sending the money, but no more than 10.000 EURO. If you are doing an online transfer the maximum amount is 11.500 EURO or equivalent.

  • Can I send money at any time?

    For the classic cash transfers, you have to keep in mind the agent's work schedule. For online transfers though, you don't have this restriction: you can initiate a transaction anytime you prefer !

  • Why should I choose Smith & Smith ?

    Because we have over 15 years in this field of work and our experience, the quality of our services and the security that we offer to our clients recommend us. Over 300.000 romanians have done over 7.000.000 transfers worth over 2 billion dollars.

  • What are the advantages of Smith & Smith's own network of agencies ?

    Our over 75 Smith & Smith agencies are located all over Romania and are offering money transfer services at an extended schedule. Most of them are placed in comercial centers and have a daily schedule from 10 - 22